Sunday, June 7, 2009

Why I Love My Yard!

I love my yard. We've lived in this house for 18 years and every year we get more joy out of the our back yard. Even tho we are on the edge of a busy street, we also have a wonderful bit of wildlife. My Cooper is an awesome hunter that brings us treats to show his love!

This was a little scrumptious frozen treat from my Cooper. He just couldn't understand why I wouldn't let him inside the house to enjoy it. Hmmm.....

We rescued this little guy from the death jaws of Cooper. He survived the night and we took him to the Wildlife Reserve the following day.

I woke up one wintery morning to see this out my bedroom window. Cooper was scoping this baby dear out and finally decided to give chase. He started spatting at the deer and ended up actually chasing the deer out of the yard. You just wonder what goes through is head at times like this!

Every couple of years we have a momma hummingbird decide to build a nest on our front porch. It's fun to watch but kind of a pain. She doesn't like it when we use our front door, and the babies get pretty messy!

We did put a mirror up so we could keep an eye on the egg. The babies are so cute when they're born. Once again, pretty messy tho!!

This afternoon was funny. We were outside with the camera and this Monarch butterfly landed right on Ches' head. It would fly around and then return again and again. Happy summer evenings.

Ah...we had our very own "Charlotte's Web". We grew to love this spider. She would weave a tremendous web every evening and then in the morning it would be all wrapped up. She was so fun to watch and keep track of each day. As the story goes, she had a sac of eggs and then one day, late in the summer, she was gone. I was "Wilbur Weepy.

We're planning on moving before summer this year. I will miss all of the fun adventures we've had over the years, but I won't miss this creepy guy!!

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