Friday, March 25, 2011

My Cinderella Piece

I love to take old things and make them new! Just give me some mod podge and some spray paint and I can keep myself entertained for hours! And I really love that there's an official term for it now...Upcycling! For once I'm....trendy.

This planter has sat on my porch for years and has gotten more annoying and less desireable. So, I made a quick trip to the craft store and stocked up on the basics. Unfortunately, I usually act a bit impulsively so I got started before I took my "before" picture. Use your imagination~

Since my paper is only 12x12-I had to center the full piece and then measure and splice the pieces on the sides. The benefits of a paisley pattern means that splicing the paper is much easier. Time to measure....

I put the contrasting color on the top trim and on the inside. have to always finish the bottom and inside because people scrutinize closely when you're an "upcycler!"

And, as in any project-I tore a piece when I was adding the mod podge. No problemo! It's another easy fix by just splicing in a scrap of paper. Easy Peasy!
Here's the relaxing part....painting on the mod podge and adding some texture by using a coarse brush and taking the strokes in different directions.

And, here you go! It's so cute it's now graduated off of the spider-webby porch and into the living room! Voila!

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