Friday, January 14, 2011

Photo of the Day

Here's my little Poppy saying goodbye to Gucci. They definitely are sisters and have quite the competitive love/hate relationship! They remind me of Casey and Dannon when they were two and three. Casey and Dannon would fight over any toy that was available. As soon as I stepped in to make the "mom judgement" and declare a winner, the prized possession would be abandoned and another toy would be the subject of their affection! (I guess Poppy has a bit of Auntie Shelby in her as well, she always wins. And she wins big!)

We've had a great 2 weeks with the sisters living together. Poppy got a little better about sharing...maybe, and Gucci got a little better at holding her own in the fights.

It was watching Poppy watch, as Gucci drove away for the last time. But, capturing the moments of Poppy showing emotion for her sister, distracted me from the fact that Casey and Michael were also driving away from Grand Junction and off to their new adventure. I know, Colorado Springs is close and we're going to be there soon, it's more of the chapter of life that's closed. Little things like coffee at Starbucks over Casey's lunch breaks or making barbeque chicken for Michael Mauk on Family Night.

The next season of our lives will be a great one! It's like a brand new journal with lines that need to be filled. All of that white space just inviting us to fill it up. Intimidating. Empty journals scare me! They taunt me to fill them with something meaningful and not to waste a single page. Then I start a page, mess up, scribble it out and try again! And that's what the next season will most likely consist of...intimidating but exciting time just inviting us to fill the lines with meaningful passion. To expect to scribble out an idea periodically and rewrite that chapter. I won't worry if my handwriting is perfect or every page is a masterpiece.

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