Friday, November 25, 2011

Still Have Some Mommy Influence!

You know, we were super involved with our girls growing up. Like, so involved we were most definitely irritating! Between homeschooling, constant soccer games and requiring the girls-along with their current boyfriends to attend "Family Nights," we were a pretty tight knit group! But, as they've grown up and moved away it doesn't seem they need us as much....don't get me wrong! I don't want a 24 year old still living at home and I do love the freedom of a "no kid" life, if you know what I mean. But sometimes I really do miss those days of Mommy Influence!

Driving home after a wonderful Thanksgiving, we were listening to Taylor Swift and she started sing some sweet song about never growing up. Yeah, it brought tears and sniffles to both of us. We really, REALLY, loved raising our little girlies. I started feeling sad and only essential to my crazy Poppy puppy. I went to sleep feeling a little melancholy. Typical.

But today I got to use my Mommy Influence and it was delightful!

First off...Casey was impressed enough about the lotion bar that I gave her, that she's decided to make some for Christmas gifts for her friends. Score 1 for a good idea!

Second...Dear Dannon texted me for the infamous blog recipe of Chicken Pot Pie and shared it with some girlfriends and it was a success. Score 2 for a Betty Crocker Recipe!

Third...(a little humbling yet realistic) Shelby accidentally ruined a table at a house she was housesitting and figured I'd done the same thing at some point in my life so she called to get some quick advice. Yes, indeed I have discovered that some very fine sand paper is essential if you own any wood furniture valued over $100....Score 3 for my ability to fix my predictable blunders!

And later, we received this very sweet tweet!

So, you know, it's all okay. Really...I'm glad you're all grown up, and happy. And that's a season of our lives that we cherish more than any other gift God could have ever given us.

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