Thursday, December 1, 2011

Zero Calorie Peppermint Bark!

I've been making soap for awhile now. Cold Process soap using the lye and the fun moisturizing oils and butters. But I saw this recipe for a Melt & Pour type soap on the Soap Queen's Blog and thought it would be a fun wintery project. (Can I just interject that the Soap Queen is my new found hero and I stalk everything she creates and writes!) I'll just point you over to her tutorial because it's frankly, wonderful! :)

So, I decided to make some melt & pour soap that looks and smells luxuriously like Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark!~I gathered the necessary ingredients, mostly from Bramble Berry Soap Supplies, but was able to get the rest of the items at Hobby Lobby.

And of course, a peppermint mocha to jump start that Holiday Cheer!~

Lots of mixing, heating and melting, scenting and voila!~Calorie Free, but not very tasty!

So, this was lots of fun and a quick fix for a craftaholic like me but then it got to be a bit of a pain. First I had to individually wrap each piece to keep it from sweating. Unlike the soaps I normally make, melt & pour obviously makes little sweat beads if not wrapped tightly until used. eh...ok. But the yummy smell was still overtaking my house. I had to break into the real chocolate chips to satiate my hunger pains.

Then when I woke up this morning it looked like this. Dang! Not so pretty! I guess when she recommends the non-bleeding red instead of just using food coloring it's not just for sales.

Fortunately, with melt & pour soaps you can always remelt and remold. I love "do overs!" Yeah! No waste!~We'll turn this melty blog into something fun! And for now, I'm going back to my old fashioned soap making!

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