Friday, December 30, 2011


Word-one word can change your focus, your attitude, and if we get dramatic, I suppose it could change your life! Look what it did for Wilbur!

But seriously, after years of New Years Resolutions gone awry....I really don't think I've ever kept even one. I still drink coffee, I still don't exercise regularly, and I still need to lose 20 pounds. So this year I'm going to embrace the theory of just One Little Word. OLW. I've been reading some thoughts of others on this and have grappled for my own inspirational little piece of power.

Here are some great ideas of others that I love, really....but they are too "scrapbooky" for me.

  • Peace-That's great! We all need more peace. Forgiveness...less strife...
  • Believe-to believe in myself and my abilities...hmmmm...
  • Edit-I like that~as in "weeding out the unnecessary"
  • Unclench-huh.. I would guess that some would think that to be a benefit to me...
  • Forward-this is good. To try to move forward, just a little, every day
These are all concepts that I need to incorporate into my life but none of them spoke to me 100%. Then I remembered something that Shelby said to me.


Done on purpose; deliberate.
deliberate - wilful - willful - purposeful - intended

I want to be in·ten·tion·al. With my words, with my thoughts. With, not only the things that I put into my mouth but also the things that come out. I want to remember the grocery clerk and be intentional with my words towards her. I want to be intentional with my relationship with God. No more "fly by night" prayers (or at least not as many). But an intentional time to listen to Him as He guides me in the new year.

There's a blog on this idea and even a class that I think I'll take. And I guess I'll make the Resolution to actually finish the class....


  1. "(not to be mistaken with OWS)" haha this made me laugh! So witty, you are!

  2. Yeah the title of your post made me laugh too and read the whole thing. Good job!

    I'd love for to visit my blog too (I came here from the Two Peas blog thread)

    There's a blog top at the top of the site.

  3. I like your word. It covers so many aspects of our lives. Great pick!