Monday, December 26, 2011

Puerto Rico-I Miss You!

Well, after an amazing trip celebrating 20 wonderful years of marriage (yes, it was our 29th anniversary) I'm back and ready to face 2012 head on! I love the New Year, new beginnings. So much to ponder and I love making lists and plans. True...I regularly lose the journal that houses these plans and goals, but I enjoy it for awhile!

Quick synopsis of our trip. We visited Puerto Rico a few years ago with our girls and loved it so much we knew we'd someday return! The culture and nature of the Puerto Ricans is that of a pleasing, hospitable spirit and a relaxed lifestyle. Opposite of the lifestyle we embrace here. Who isn't joyful in a world of 75 degree temperatures?

This was a great beach~Seven Seas Beach!! And our favorite restaurant in Old San Juan, Toro Saleo! Great place to people-watch. We followed a path (they called it the "secret path") to the beach. It was a fun hike through the jungle!

A fun lighthouse that still is working in Puerto Rico. You could see the beacon from miles away!

A beautiful day at the beach with my favorite guy!

In 29 years of marriage, this was the first time we'd ever gone away for two weeks and just done everything just the way we wanted. No plans, no agendas, just a boy and a girl, 2 backpacks and a rental car!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Puerto Rico is definitely on my bucket list!

    A fellow Pea stopping by to say hello!