Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Best Soy Latte That You Ever Had...and Me I'm not normally a girl that will jump on the latest trends and fashion.
  • I still use a curling iron, not a straightener.
  • I still sometimes buy the cheap maybelline pink mascara with the green lid-just like in 9th grade-you know, the one that has the reputation of being gross and clumpy? I still can apply it flawlessly in a bind.
  • And I'm not one that keeps up on the latest and greatest in music. And while I can appreciate Maroon 5 or Lady Antebellum, I'm really more of a Journey girl.
But, I love the band Train. Love Love them! Their lyrics are authentic and they play with passion! Last summer Ches took me to a wonderful date night in Vail-front row with the Train boys.

Since he scored me a place in the very front with all of the 14 year-old girls, most of whom were taller than me, this is a shot of all the people BEHIND me! LOL!

And here is just a great shot of a great show! We had a blast!

So yeah, I must admit that I'm excited that there's a new release and here is a video of their new song. Enjoy!


  1. I saw them last summer for the first time and they were AWESOME! Lucky you to be so close!

  2. Wow! What a fun time!! Oh, and I still use the pink mascara with the green top too! It's awesome. :)