Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Anything Is Possible....

~This is How I See Life~

So I've always had this creative spark inside. I usually try to suppress it because frankly, it makes me feel like others think I'm crazy. I always have a new idea-a way to make things better and brighter. For instance...

This is the kind of things I impulsively do...my poor family-they could come home and have a purple living room wall, a bright, red front door or a bedroom that looked like this...


(I do have to say, this was in the 90's when it was a little more fashionable)

I've painted our home so many times in the past 19 years that I do believe we've lost some square footage-but I digress.

Over the years,however, it seems I've gotten a little more logical-more predictable. And my creative muscles were getting as flabby as the rest of this 5 ft frame. I have a good job, work with nice people and get paid quite well-but inside I felt like I was suffocating. There is no creativity required in my place of employment...it's more of a plan, organize, and conquer type of place.

I've finally realized that I have to be creative to save my sanity! It's not the responsibility of my job or my husband to reach this fulfillment, I had to search it out myself. Sooooooo.......

I've decided to take my lotion and soap making hobby to the next level.
Creative Personality meet Entreprenurial Spirit!

That's right! Those years of old milk cartons and Pringles cans filling up the counter with soap experiments have paid off. Lotion-testing, tho not legal for chimpanzees was definitely thrust upon my three little angels and I'm proud to say they lived through it without scars. Countless hours of research and kitchen experiments are coming to fruition.

I'm going to be putting my soaps, bath bombs and lotions in a local Bath & Body Shop! (I'll share more soon!)

We've got Lotion Making classes scheduled and filling up, DIY Lotion-Making kits available and dozens of these fabulous Bath Time Bon Bons...

These "truffles" are made with pure cocoa butter and scented with sweet, delectable scents~ Cream Cheese Frosting, Popping Peppermint and Rich Chocolate Fudge! Aren't they fun? And calorie free!

So, who knows what's in store for the upcoming year? In my Soap Lab (....AKA Kitchen Counter) the wheels are turning.


  1. Those truffle soaps look amazing. Let us know if you start selling them online.