Sunday, February 5, 2012

No More White Stuff

...and I'm not talking snow!

The following was a natural occurance in my kitchen the other day. Coincidence? I think not!

And Yes, As a matter of fact I do believe that the spinach gods are happy when I drink apple~carrot~spinach juice for breakfast! Ches & I have ventured on a new path heading towards vegetarianism. (Don't tell him~I'm trying to be subtle!) But who could argue with this little beauty every morning?

This year we decided to maybe start eating some vegetables! I've never been
the most adventurous cook so our meals are pretty simple.
Chicken & Bread. Pasta & Bread. Cheese & Bread. Bread &....butter.
We're pretty easy. So imagine the thrill in Ches' eyes when I told him we were going to cut out the whites this year. You know, the whites..... White sugar, white flour, dairy. Yes, that includes cheese. All cheese. And when you're married to the self-declared, Mayor McCheese-removing Kraft American Singles can be a challenge! But lately it's been dinners of broiled vegetables, lots of bean & rice, and even some soy corn dogs! Anything wrapped in fried corn meal and dipped in mustard has to be fun!

But seriously, we've felt so much better removing the white stuff out of our lives. Reading and making decisions according to labels. And having some self discipline regarding what we eat! It's healthier, my joints and back feel better, and we've even grown accustom to the smell as we walk into Vitamin Cottage to buy our "snack" of tofuetti!

We still have a ways to go. I do still spend my mornings with my faithful best friend.

~no redeeming value in this girlfriend!~

And I did smell the beef emanating out of Ches' pores the day he snuck out to Sonic.
But we're doing better! Feeling better!

And it's worth it.


  1. Good job mom! This is what we had for dinner... it was delicious!!!!

  2. Good job! You should post some of these recipes for us!